Video Game Club
Video Game Club is where students can share their passion and explore the wide array of video games available. Students will look at an "old school game" each week to see what inspired today's games. Working with different gaming software they will learn how games are made.

Video Game Club will meet before school on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month that school is in session from 7:45 to 8:25.
Meeting Dates:
 10/10/2017                                 2/13/2018       
 10/24/2017                                 2/27/2018  

 11/14/2014                                 3/13/2018
 11/28/2017                                 3/27/2018

 12/12/2017                                 4/10/2018     
  1/23/2018                                   5/8/2018