Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Davis


  • Please contact me at [email protected]

    I know that this is a different learning experience than we are used to. 
    I will do my best to help you through this. 
    I will post things on this page that will have useful information for getting onto websites.

    I am making packets some but other things you can do:
     *write about what you see

*help out with dinner
*pick a chore to do at home (trash, walk the dog, help with dishes)
*count the change your parents have


Some fun sites are: use this link

On main page, click onto students.
Next, click web-based student programs, click Clever
You will need to login:
first initial and first 4 letters of last name and last 3 of id
Password:  6 digit login number
(i.e.  sdavi123

Study Island
Look to the right for active assignments.
Work on the math and reading.

Class Hero
This will be under teacher pages.

 you will need this passcode:  129227