Buddy Club

Buddy Club 2014-2015

Welcome to James Madison's  Buddy Club !
Be sure to check out announcement link for updates and pictures!

What is Buddy Club?

 The Buddy Club is an extracurricular activity for JMMS students with and without disabilities. Members of the Buddy Club are committed to promoting diversity and tolerance through increased interaction and participation in the school community for students with disabilities. 


What do you do at Buddy Club?
Monthly meetings will be held after school. The group will participate in interactive activities with their ‘buddies’ as well as attend field trips together. We will play games together, cook and make crafts! We will even take field trips where Buddies can enjoy time together outside of school! In addition, Buddies will offer as support, and encouragement during the Special Olympics.
How do I Join?   
You MUST have a
signed permission form/confidentiality agreement
and be approved by the sponsors.


Ms. Davis
[email protected]

Mrs. O'Dell
[email protected]