What time can students arrive at school?
Please do not bring students to school before 8:25, unless they are participating in a before school activity sponsored by a faculty member. At 8:25, students enter and go to breakfast or homeroom.  After 8:45, they sign in at the main office.

What time are students considered tardy?
Students are considered tardy after 8:45.

What should I do if my child will be absent?
Please call the school office at 853-2351 to let us know.

Are cell phones allowed at school?
Students are allowed to have cell phones, however they are not allowed use them during the school day. 

My child would like to play a team sport at JMMS. What does he/she need to participate?
Any student wishing to participate on a sports team needs to have a Virginia High School League (VHSL) Sports Physical form completed by a physician on file at the school before trying out and/or practicing with the team. Go to the Athletics link from the left side navigation bar for additional information regarding the VHSL Physical and specific sports teams.

 How does my student get a Valley Metro Identification Card?
Roanoke City Public School middle and high school students who have not received either a school issued Photo Identification Card or a Valley Metro Photo Card can get one by visiting Valley Metro at 17 Campbell Avenue SW, Roanoke, VA. They need to present a current report card and a birth certificate or utility bill in order to be photographed. This is for students between the ages of 15 and 18.

What if my child will need to take medication at school?
A "Permission for Medication" form must be completed by the child's physician, signed by both physician and parent/legal guardian if it is prescription medication. If it is non-prescription medication, only the signature of the parent or legal guardian is required. A new permission form must be completed at the beginning of each new year.

What if my child will need to ride a different bus?
A note must be submitted by the parent/guardian requesting that their child ride a different bus. Upon verification of the note, the student will be given a form to ride the requested bus.