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Update 5/19/2020

There seems to have been confusion and/or emails not being checked regarding what needs to be done and when it was due. All edmentum work was due Friday May 8th, with the Semester test being due Friday May 15. There are a lot of students that did not complete enough work to earn a 59.5% for the default Pass/Fail passing grade. I know that this hasn't been an ideal situation for finishing a school year, trust me I would much rather be teaching you in the classroom. 
I want everyone to be able to do well and be able to take the best grade(s) they can with them to high school. Because of that, I am going to unlock the assignments in Edmentum until the end of the day on Friday May 22nd. You have until then to complete any of the work you haven't done to this point. There are 30 total items to complete so make sure your progress bar says 30/30. I will not be resetting any assignments that you already completed to improve a grade, this is just a chance to finish missing assignments.  I emailed about this before but make sure you are looking at the grade that says "course grade" and not "current grade". "Current grade" only shows grade on work completed, but "course grade" includes any missing assignments. I was told by the IT department weeks ago that they fixed it so "course grade" would be shown.  The "course grade" is what your 4th nine weeks grade will be. Once you finish all 30 assignments your "current grade" and "course grade" will be the same.
As always if you want a letter grade instead of pass/fail please let me know. If you have questions just ask me and I can help break it down for you. At this time I have put into Synergy what your 4th nine weeks grades is, based on your course grade in Edmentum. I am still doing office hours video chats each day, so get on if you have a question, or just jump on to say hi. 

Thank you to those who finished your work, you are done with Earth Science and good luck next year!